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Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment

Adds shine and silkiness without weight
Speeds up dry time by 40%
Crystal clear without dyes to avoid altering tone (blondes)
Thermal protect
Seals in color
Sea botanicals, light-argan oil, sweet almond
Improves condition of hair
Apply on wet hair with just a pump and on the ends then work your way up

Aquage Finishing Spray
Fast drying, firm-holding. fine mist spray
Humidity Resistant
Maximum Shine
Add more layers for more shine
Spray 8-10 inches away

Marrakesh Oil
Protects hair from heat and styling
Adds shine and controls frizz
Cuts blow dry time in half
Conditions and smooths hair naturally
Use one pump on damp hair and work through ends
Add a half pump to ends once dried and styled if needed
Kenra 25
Maximum all day hold
Fast drying
Maximum volume
Humidity resistant
Spray 8-10 inches away
Aquage Illuminating Gelade
Medium to firm hold texturizer
Gives control of a gel with the texture and slip of a pomade
Provides strand separation, definition and brilliant shine on medium to thick hair
Emulsify pea-sized amount in palms and between fingers
Work through ends moving your way up
Aquage Molding Megagel
Shapes and creates detail on wet hair
Gives strong control with high shine
No flaking
Strands are still flexible and pliable
Emulsify quarter-size in palms and between fingers and apply to damp hair and comb

Aquage Straightening Ultragel

Ultra- lightweight
Smoothing for curly, permed, or frizzy hair
Seals cuticle
Humidity resistant
Manages unruly hair
Apply quarter size after emulsifying in palms and between fingers
Start halfway down hair and add close to scalp last

Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Firm hold
Builds volume
Infused with dead sea salts giving thickness and texture
Water soluble (shampoos out easily)
Strand seperation and definition
Apply throughout damp hair and apply to dried as needed

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