Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall'n in Love With...Hair

Fall seems to be one of the best times to change your hair. Going darker is always the "to do!" I am definitely guilty of going darker come cooler weather. However, it doesn't always need to be darker, per say. You can always just make a shade change. Blondes that are afraid to go darker?...Don't go darker, just get some warmer caramel and honey tones in your hair! Brunettes don't know what else to do but go lighter?....Add some red shades or some warm medium blonde hi-lites around your face! Then there is always the famous ombré! It's sticking around for the fall it looks like. I finally jumped on the band wagon for a good in between of the brown and blonde. I couldn't make the leap into brown yet. It won't be long though, I am sure. ;)

If you are thinking you need a change, tis' the season!! Here are some of my favorite fall looks right now!

I hope some of these beautiful locks caught your interest! They sure did mine. Decisions, decisions...
I always vote fall hair! ;)

-Peace Love & Beauty
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Fall'n In Love with Fall

     Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!! You know what that means....IT'S FALL!!! My favorite time of the year! At least one of them. I love all things fall. Hair color changes, warm cozy clothes, layers, hot cocoa assortments, BOOTS AND SCARVES (omg!), and the holidays of course. The list goes on and on! One thing I am not a fan of, is the cold that follows with its hibernating feel. Eat and sleep. I am trying to get serious with my eating and workouts now so that I'm ready when the warm weather comes back. I definitely recommend the same to anyone else that wants their beach bod come summer time, so I will be filling you on my experience and any encouraging ideas I have for you. Now, let's go over all the things I think you should love about fall. First things first, we'll cover the hair! Shocker! ;P

Here we go!!

-Peace Love & Beauty

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's Take a Stroll in Her Locks (Take Two)...

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” -Lucille Ball

     Lucille Ball obviously knew what was up. Her insight is more reason why we should all go down that scary path once in our lives, whether it be on accident or intentionally. I don't know about you, but I know that my red days were not my better!! However, I am glad I did. It was a blast. I immediately felt this sassy attitude creep out of me. I know I have a little sass as a blonde, but this was a whole other story!! It's almost as if other people knew also because they treated me so. Many people also treated me as though I was very gutsy and willing to do just about anything. If only they knew! ;) Other than the temper changes and feeling like a wild child (more than usual), I didn't feel too different. I do know it was a blast while it lasted and would definitely recommend at least trying a shade of red, whether it be a red brown, orange red, or just some red pieces. 

What was it like while you were a redhead?? If you are a natural redhead, what is it like??

Brunettes, get're up next!

-Peace Love & Beauty

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Take a Stroll In Her Locks...

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a blonde? After all, they do have more fun-or so I hear. Would you really feel more bold or sassy as a foxy red head? And what do they even say about brunettes? Does it vary by the shade or depth? Are they all sultry and sexy? Well, I'd say there is really only one way to find out, right?? You have to just try one on and see if the shoe fits!! I am going to cover blondes, reds, browns, black, different mixes of colors, and cuts from short to long.

    Let's start with my favorite of course....blonde bombshells!! Naturally I am a dirty light blonde.
Other than strawberry blonde and black, I think I have experienced just about every color and shade out there! I always find my way back home to my blonde hair though. Why is that?? At first it was "just because." Then it was the typical "it's summer time." Recently however, it finally hit me! I am a blonde! It is just who I am through and through. Those of you that really know me or probably even those who barely know me, can agree and understand that statement. I know most of you blondes out there know just what I am talking about!! If you are not naturally blonde and do not understand, I am happy to fill you in on just what it is like to be a blonde. Life as a blonde 101:

How a blonde feels:
-Sometimes spacey

How a blonde acts:
-Sometimes ditzy

How others view blondes:
-Sexy (Thanks Playboy)
-High maintenance
-All things Barbie
-Sometimes Classy

How blondes are often treated:
-Basically treated in ways resulting from how they are viewed

I believe it is all in how you do it! There are ways to make the negatives stand out as a blonde but a way to make more positives! Keep it classy ladies!

How have you felt as a blonde?? Fill me in! Next up....Foxy red heads! Oh-la-la! ;)

-Peace Love & Beauty

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

-Coco Chanel

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Monday, August 20, 2012

End Of Summer Locks

    The weather is beginning to cool down (I think/hope) and everyone is ready to actually be outdoors for extensive amounts of time. You know what this means....outdoor parties!!! It's time for pool parties, cookouts, and bon fires all day and night. So are you ready for preparing your hair for these shenanigans?? If not, don't panic!! I'm about to fill you in on some great tips for working that unpredictable hair for the unpredictable weather!!

Short Hair
Sexy Chic: Smooth a gel, such as Aquage Straightening Ultragel or Aquage Molding Megagel, through your towel dried hair scalp to ends. Use about a dime-nickel size. Comb it through and back, leaving it to dry naturally for best results. Victoria Beckham does a fabulous job of strutting this look.

Frazzled and Free: Embrace the frizz and craze (moderately). While damp, apply an oil such as, Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment or Marrakesh Oil (I switch between both!). These products will help seal your cuticle down (fighting frizz) while adding shine and improving the condition of your hair. Once dried, add about a pea size of Aquage Illuminating Gelade to add texture through the ends and enforce the sealed cuticle to keep the frizz controlled and then let it do its thing. Feel free to move it around and mess it up too! ;)

Shoulder-Length Hair
Nice Buns: Run a pump of Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment through the ends of your hair working your way up. Once dry, pull hair back into a low ponytail. Then wrap the remaining into either a neat or messy bun, whichever you prefer (or your hair prefers). Secure strands with bobby pins and spray with Aquage Finishing Spray to lock everything in. It's great because it will give you enough hold and resist humidity without being crunchy or too heavy. Kenra 25 is also a great hair spray, just a little more hold and stick to it. Since braids are the hottest thing on the block these days, add a couple braids down the same side of your bangs and add them to the bun. Braiding your bangs in is also great for the heat to keep them off your face!

Halfsies: If you're still wanting to have some hair down, whether it be down next to your jawline or just to show the length that you do have, wearing it half back is a great way to keep it controlled and mostly away from your face. Like I previously said, I love the braids and recommend them always. Prep the hair with the Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment. Once dry, back comb the top of your crown using 1/2 inch sections close to the scalp. Leave out one or two sections just above the ears at whatever size you prefer your braids to be. Braid and band. Lightly comb the hair back down concealing the tease underneath. Pull back the hair just above the ears and push up for a little volume. Keep it a little messy to keep the look casual. Secure by crossing the bobby pins. Then add the braids and cross in back and pin. Spray with Aquage Finishing Spray. In the top picture, she pulled once side back pinning it, then added the other side and slightly twisted it before pinning. With that, you will want to put one pin going down at the top of the twist and one going up and connecting to the above pin at the bottom of the twist.

Long Hair 
Top Notch: This hair style has become one of my new faves. Especially with the unpredictable weather! There are many ways to go about this look depending on if you want to keep it classy and chic or messy and chic. Either way you will definitely look chic! Good news, I know! You also don't have to use a lot of product for this one. Simply put Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment on your ends to smooth flyaways. One of the easiest ways I have found to do this style is to pull the hair back with either no volume or leaving a little like the picture on the bottom right. Beginning making a high pony. Once you are pulling the hair through the band the last time, stop halfway leaving a "tail." Pull down the sides of the "half bun" while wrapping the tail around the base, encasing the "half bun." Secure any stray hairs with bobby pins. I like to pull and separate some pieces and make it a little messy to keep it looking casual. Finish it out by spraying down flyaways with Aquage Finishing Spray. Also, for those of you that don't like to show a lot of forehead (which I am sure is not as big as you think!), you can definitely pull a small amount of fringe down. If you do, I would recommend leaving some volume on top also. ;)


Beach Babe: I know we all love the beach wave look!! It is definitely my go to! They key to this look is to just let your hair go free. You can definitely enhance it with some products and styling though! I love using the Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray to give it the texture and definition in the waves. Just spray throughout damp hair and comb through. If you take strands and twist them before you either air or blow dry it will help give more defined waves. When blow drying, either diffuse the twisted strands with an attachment on your dryer or with your hands. Important: The more you touch it, the frizzier it will be!! Once it is dry, add sea salt spray where needed and you are good to go!

     Regardless of which style you go with, products are going to play a big part in the success of that look. If you ever want more information about the products you are using whether it be what is in them, what they do, or how to use them, you can definitely ask me or you stylist. It is our job to educate you on what you are using!
Above all, don't allow the effects of the horrid humid weather on your hair discourage you! Just embrace it and work with it instead of against it! :)

-Peace Love & Beauty

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chalk It Up

     Thanks to the wonderful Lauren Conrad and her team, bright colored tips have become a huge trend this year! I have especially enjoyed them for the spring and summer due to their bright hues. Now that summer is coming to a close end, I am curious if these tips and strands will continue to stay bright or even continue to be colored. I would love to see more this fall in warmer and cozier colors!! (I just might have to try it for myself). However, it is still summer so I think we should embrace it while we can!
     I have decided to offer bright colored/unnaturally colored tips and strands as a color service! Woo!! There are a few ways to go about this. One is using a temporary dye which is a little more difficult to remove and only works well on prelightened hair. The other route is using hair chalk! This method can be done on brown, blonde, red, or just about any color you can think of! They also come in a larger variety of colors! The best part about this method is that it is pretty quick and easy to put in and remove!! If you're anything like me, you probably don't want to keep this look for long but also want to revisit it every now and then! I am definitely going to be chalking mine very soon and cannot wait to begin this service at the salon!! Here are some of the different ways Lauren and others have added some flare to their strands.

 Feelin' the inspiration?? I sure am! Now, who wants to do it?!?! I will be soon... ;)

-Peace Love & Beauty

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can You Pull It Off?...

    I will say first and foremost, it does not matter if it is "in," if your skin tone matches, or what other people think. If you want to rock a hair color, I say do it! You can pull it off if you want to! What I will explain in this post, however, is what will enhance your appearance and what colors are technically best for your skin tone. Trust me, I have definitely worn many colors that were not for my skin tone and it was totally worth trying! ;)
     Now with that said, lets figure out your skin tone! There are a few techniques that you can try. The simplest is looking at your veins on the inside of your arm near your wrist in natural light. If they appear a greenish tint, then your skin tone is warm. If they are blue, you have cool skin. You can also just take into consideration your natural hair and eye color. If you have blue, gray, or green eyes and blonde, black, or ash-brown hair then you are most likely warm toned. If you have hazel, brown, or black eyes and and brown, black, auburn, red or strawberry blonde hair then you are most likely cool toned. Figure it out?? Great! Let's move along...

Go for golden shades a little darker than your skin.
Caramel and bronzes are great!!
Try to avoid jet black colors because they will wash you out.
Hi-lites are great as well but keep them golden rather than platinum.

Same thing goes for make up and clothing. If your skin is warm, you want to stick to warm and earthy colors.
Fun fact: Gold, pewter, brass, and copper jewelry work best for you!

Your best bet is ash blondes and browns. If you like warm colors, it wouldn't really hurt to do some kind of low lite or hi-lite as long as the majority of your color is cool.
Avoid colors that are golden, auburn, or copper.

You also want to stick to cooler colors that are blue based with your make up and clothes.
Fun fact: Silver, platinum, and white gold are the best types of jewelry for your skin!

If you have any further questions about your skin tone regarding a color you want to try, please feel free to ask and I will give you my best recommendations! Like I said, if you really want to try something then I vote do it! As long as you do it right! I don't recommend doing it yourself especially if it is a big change. You will want to have it professionally done so that it is customized to perfection for you! Now that we have some of the basics of hair covered, we will be exploring more stunning things for your day to day hair and beauty needs!

-Peace Love & Beauty

**Speaking of color, we are offering Hi-lite/Color & Cuts for only $65 to new clients for the month of August. It's back to school time!! This is a perfect opportunity to try something new!**

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Shapes & Sizes...

     First things first. I have found that the easiest way to figure out your face shape is tracing it on a mirror. You will need to pull your hair back into a smooth pony and, using eyeliner or lipstick, trace around your face on the mirror. Then step away to determine what shape you are closest to. (It is possible to be a combination of two shapes).

     Now that you have figured out your shape, let's figure out what suits you hair wise...

The forehead is the widest part of the face, then becomes narrow as it goes to the chin.

DO: Style your hair with a lot of volume towards the bottom of your face. You also don't want to wear your hair too long. I would recommend 4-5 inches below your shoulders for the best look.
I love side swept bangs for heart shaped faces! Starting at the arch of your brow to the corner of your eye is perfect!! A cut with soft layers starting at the end of your jaw line is best.

DON'T: Stay away from short, full styles that emphasize upper face, too much height at the crown, severe and slicked back looks. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin. Basically, avoid a lot of height at the crown and top of your face. They will make you look top heavy. (NO Snooki bumps!!)

Jawline tends to be more round and the width of the face is the same throughout. A little longer than the oval shape.

DO: Short to medium length cuts with long layers, wedged and bob cuts look really cute! Adding body with curls and waves starting at the jaw line help to balance things out. A side part with straight across bangs are also great!

DON'T: Cuts and styles that add a lot of height on top will cause your face to appear longer. I have heard middle parts are a no-no, but I think that can vary. (I love them lately!). Stay away from chin length styles and cuts that have no volume at the bottom. You need that body to even things out!

Longer than it is wide with sharper angles.

DO: Styles that add width to chin such as chin length bobs and wispy shoulder length cuts. Straight across bangs will help shorten the long face. You should also style your hair to show off those cheek bones by pulling the sides back either behind the ears or braiding/twisting some back. So cute!!

DON'T: Avoid a lot of height on top and lack of fringe! Try to stay away from cuts that don't have any hair on the neck or near the chin. The middle part will add length to the face, but I still love it. ;)

Round jaw, same width all the way around with cheek bones being widest part of the face.

DO: Finally, I am recommending height in the crown for this one! This will give the appearance of a longer slimmer shape. Long cuts and styles that don't add a lot of volume next to the cheeks, but still hug close to the face will make it appear more narrow. And guess what else works!? MIDDLE PART! Woo!! No bangs are best but if you do them, have them swept across. You want the bridge of your nose to be the focal point.

DON'T: No volume next to cheeks or straight chin length bobs. Deep side parts and heavy blunt bangs going straight across will give the appearance of a wider and shorter face. Definitely do not want that!!

Sides are all somewhat the same width, hair line is straight for the most part and the jaw is pronounced.

DO: Feathered and wispy on the top with softness around the ears and jaw will round out the square jaw. Long hair with soft layers and bangs that hit at the brows and sweep to the side looks great! I also recommend height in the crown for this shape.

DON'T: Avoid short chin length bobs that are blunt. Also try to avoid straight across and heavy bangs with middle parts.

Longer than it is wide with a square jaw line and possibly a square hair line.

DO: Add volume at cheek bones, but only a little at the crown. Sweep back the sides of the face to appear rounder. Add body at chin for long hair. Side parts with side swept bangs look awesome on this shape!

DON'T: Avoid center parts (I will have to agree with this one, it's just too much). Long hair that is all one length just adds even more length to the face. I don't think you want that.  Stay away from angled short cuts, and a lot of volume on top.

Longer than wide and wider on the top than on the bottom. Most ideal face shape.

DO: Just about any style or cut will work for you!! (Lucky!) You basically have it so easy that all you have to decide is which feature you feel like accentuating that day! You have so much freedom to try many different cuts and styles, so embrace it!

DON'T: Avoid wearing heavy straight across bangs or a lot of hair toward your face. You do not want to cover up those features!! Too much hair toward your face can also add weight to it. Not a good thing, right??

Square hairline with pronounced cheek bones and a somewhat pointy chin.

DO: A lot of layering will help soften your jawline. Tapering those cuts towards your jawline become very flattering! Short hair is great for this shape, so rock it! Not everyone can, as you've read.

DON'T: Drawing too much attention to your jawline is not a good idea. I would not recommend any blunt bobs that hit in that area.

Did this help you at all?? I sure hope so!! I will be posting more blogs specific to each face shape regarding cuts, styles, accessories, and clothing that will be most flattering for you! If you have further questions regarding your face shape, please ask!! That's what I'm hear for! I hope you all have a great hair day!

-Peace Love & Beauty

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