Can dryer sheets really tame my frizzy hair?
     -Yes, to an extent. It isn't the ultimate frizz killer, but is great for a quick temporary fix. The fabric softener on the dryer sheets actually clings to your hair shaft weighing it down which in turn calms down some of your frizz. Professional frizz cremes and serums will give you the best results for frizz. I tell my frizzy ladies to carry a small serum with them for continuous taming. Deep conditioning once a week and rinsing your hair with cooler water will also help this!

Is it bad for my hair to use lemon juice on it when I lay out in the sun?
     -Yes it is bad. It will dry out and damage your hair. If you do not currently do any chemical treatments including color alterations, you can get away with doing this on rare occassion as long as you use good conditioning products! All in all, I would not recommend it.

Will my hair grow faster if I get regular trims?
     -No, however by getting trims you will prevent breakage from happening to your ends which will cease any progress in your length. Getting a trim every 6 weeks is recommended for those who get color and use heat regularly on their locks. 8 weeks is appropriate for most other locks that don't experience much more than regular heat.

What will help my hair grow faster?
     -The best things to do that will encourage healthy hair growth are to massage your scalp each day (while you shampoo is an easy way) and eat a healthy diet. Get plenty of vitamins B, C, and E. I often recommend taking Biotin vitamins which will help your hair, skin, and nails. These methods will help with circulation improving hair growth. Pin It

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