Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall'n in Love With...Hair

Fall seems to be one of the best times to change your hair. Going darker is always the "to do!" I am definitely guilty of going darker come cooler weather. However, it doesn't always need to be darker, per say. You can always just make a shade change. Blondes that are afraid to go darker?...Don't go darker, just get some warmer caramel and honey tones in your hair! Brunettes don't know what else to do but go lighter?....Add some red shades or some warm medium blonde hi-lites around your face! Then there is always the famous ombré! It's sticking around for the fall it looks like. I finally jumped on the band wagon for a good in between of the brown and blonde. I couldn't make the leap into brown yet. It won't be long though, I am sure. ;)

If you are thinking you need a change, tis' the season!! Here are some of my favorite fall looks right now!

I hope some of these beautiful locks caught your interest! They sure did mine. Decisions, decisions...
I always vote fall hair! ;)

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