Monday, January 21, 2013

Pucker Up, Buttercup!

    I have recently noticed more and more ravishing lips on ladies these days! Wearing lipsticks and bolder colors seems to be a growing trend that I cannot say I mind at all!! I love it actually! Because of this love for lipsticks, I decided to discuss the current shade trends with you and how to play them up with your makeup and outfit! Shall we??...

Nearly Nudes:
    - Go with a matte rather than a gloss
    - Pair with a "less is more" eye
    - Fair or pale skin, avoid beige (will wash you out); Go with soft pinks and peaches or pale apricot base
    - For golden girls, use creamy caramel tones and warm beige; Avoid anything too cool like greys or silver-toned shades
    - If you have olive skin consider yourself lucky! You can just work whichever shade you'd like!
    -For yellow undertones, light creamy toned beige and latte or mocha shades work great!

Precious Pinks:
    - Keep your eyes and face simple; stick to a nude blush or bronze
    - Cool skin, go with blue undertones
    - Warm skin, use red or orange based pinks
    - If you have light or fare skin, try cool or pale shades of mauve or rose pink
    - If you have medium to dark skin, try going vibrant with berry and fuchsia
    - It is important to make sure your lips are moisturized prior to applying!
    - Keep your outfit simple with neutral shades and accessorize with a pink shade or polish to match!
    -Be confident with these lips! You've got to own it! ;)

Fiery Reds:
    - When outside, stick to a soft sheer red
    - In the evening you should go bold and play it up!
    -Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips. They tend to make lips appear smaller. Not good!!
    - Keep the eyes simple during the day and play up the eyeliner and a nice smokey eye at night!
    - Top with a gold gloss to help soften and add warmth
    - Top with a pink gloss to cool down
    - Be precise!! Don't just throw this on!
    - If you use a liner, use a shade close to your natural lip
    - To avoid any "bleedng," apply concealer around the border
    - Don't overdo the outfit and take away from your lips!
    - Outfits of dark shades or neutrals go very well!

Plump Purples:
    - For pale/light skin, avoid dark shades and use blue or pink undertones
    - For medium skin, use warm and yellow undertones
    - For dark skin, use it all!
    - Simplicity is key! Don't overdo your makeup.
    - Neutral clothes look great with these lips. Add colors with accessories.
    -Avoid wearing a lot of dark clothing. Might appear goth.

I hope this excites you about dressing up your lips for a change!! It sure does me! What are some your favorite shades in these colors?? What about favorite brands??

-Peace Love & Beauty

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