Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Take a Stroll In Her Locks...

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a blonde? After all, they do have more fun-or so I hear. Would you really feel more bold or sassy as a foxy red head? And what do they even say about brunettes? Does it vary by the shade or depth? Are they all sultry and sexy? Well, I'd say there is really only one way to find out, right?? You have to just try one on and see if the shoe fits!! I am going to cover blondes, reds, browns, black, different mixes of colors, and cuts from short to long.

    Let's start with my favorite of course....blonde bombshells!! Naturally I am a dirty light blonde.
Other than strawberry blonde and black, I think I have experienced just about every color and shade out there! I always find my way back home to my blonde hair though. Why is that?? At first it was "just because." Then it was the typical "it's summer time." Recently however, it finally hit me! I am a blonde! It is just who I am through and through. Those of you that really know me or probably even those who barely know me, can agree and understand that statement. I know most of you blondes out there know just what I am talking about!! If you are not naturally blonde and do not understand, I am happy to fill you in on just what it is like to be a blonde. Life as a blonde 101:

How a blonde feels:
-Sometimes spacey

How a blonde acts:
-Sometimes ditzy

How others view blondes:
-Sexy (Thanks Playboy)
-High maintenance
-All things Barbie
-Sometimes Classy

How blondes are often treated:
-Basically treated in ways resulting from how they are viewed

I believe it is all in how you do it! There are ways to make the negatives stand out as a blonde but a way to make more positives! Keep it classy ladies!

How have you felt as a blonde?? Fill me in! Next up....Foxy red heads! Oh-la-la! ;)

-Peace Love & Beauty

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