Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can You Pull It Off?...

    I will say first and foremost, it does not matter if it is "in," if your skin tone matches, or what other people think. If you want to rock a hair color, I say do it! You can pull it off if you want to! What I will explain in this post, however, is what will enhance your appearance and what colors are technically best for your skin tone. Trust me, I have definitely worn many colors that were not for my skin tone and it was totally worth trying! ;)
     Now with that said, lets figure out your skin tone! There are a few techniques that you can try. The simplest is looking at your veins on the inside of your arm near your wrist in natural light. If they appear a greenish tint, then your skin tone is warm. If they are blue, you have cool skin. You can also just take into consideration your natural hair and eye color. If you have blue, gray, or green eyes and blonde, black, or ash-brown hair then you are most likely warm toned. If you have hazel, brown, or black eyes and and brown, black, auburn, red or strawberry blonde hair then you are most likely cool toned. Figure it out?? Great! Let's move along...

Go for golden shades a little darker than your skin.
Caramel and bronzes are great!!
Try to avoid jet black colors because they will wash you out.
Hi-lites are great as well but keep them golden rather than platinum.

Same thing goes for make up and clothing. If your skin is warm, you want to stick to warm and earthy colors.
Fun fact: Gold, pewter, brass, and copper jewelry work best for you!

Your best bet is ash blondes and browns. If you like warm colors, it wouldn't really hurt to do some kind of low lite or hi-lite as long as the majority of your color is cool.
Avoid colors that are golden, auburn, or copper.

You also want to stick to cooler colors that are blue based with your make up and clothes.
Fun fact: Silver, platinum, and white gold are the best types of jewelry for your skin!

If you have any further questions about your skin tone regarding a color you want to try, please feel free to ask and I will give you my best recommendations! Like I said, if you really want to try something then I vote do it! As long as you do it right! I don't recommend doing it yourself especially if it is a big change. You will want to have it professionally done so that it is customized to perfection for you! Now that we have some of the basics of hair covered, we will be exploring more stunning things for your day to day hair and beauty needs!

-Peace Love & Beauty

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